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Version 2.10.0 is our 51th release. It contains a significant amount of new features and is the result of a month of work from 10 developers, not counting all the translators who are nice enough to translate Monica in 11 languages. Here are some highlights of the changes.

Tag autocompletion

Tags are a great way to categorize people. With 2.10.0, finally, we support tag autocompletion. Go to a contact and edit the tags in the header - as you type, a menu will appear showing your tags. A small change for Monica - a big help for users. A technical note: this feature has been entirely developed with VueJS, without other dependancy. We are moving away from JQuery and over the course of the next months, we'll sunset JQuery entirely.


New header

Speaking of the header, as we were changing how tags work, we've taken this opportunity to redesign the header of a contact profile. This will let us add much more useful information in the future. It's also easier to read.



You can now attach documents to a contact. There is a configurable limit per instance on how much storage an account can use. On our hosted version, the limit is 512Mb per paid account (storage is cheap - but not when you host ten of thousands of accounts).

There is also a new tab in your Settings page called Storage that shows your current account usage and your account limit.


Archive a contact

Sometimes you want to add a contact but not have him appear on the contact list. Archiving a contact lets you do that. You can access this feature from the bottom left of the contact profile.

Other improvements

  • We've fixed a lot of bugs.
  • We've improved how we support S3 to store assets (images, documents,...)
  • We've dramatically increased our test coverage. 6 months ago we were at 25% test coverage. With our continuous effort of increasing them, we are now at 65%. This gives us much more confidence that we don't break things as we move forward.
  • We now automatically set the currency and the timezone for new users, based on their location.
  • We've rewritten how we import/export vCard.
  • We also now parse FN properties correctly when we import vCards.

Have fun with version 2.10!

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