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Our mission is to use technology in a way that does not harm human relationships, like big social networks can do.

In an age where people have thousands of virtual friends, we want to provide a tool that helps people strengthen the relationships with only a few of these friends. Make each friendship matter a lot.

Monica is born out of a personal need to keep track of what friends living in other countries were doing with their lives. After having built the first version of the tool, I decided to open sourced it, promote it on Hacker News and the rest is history.

Monica is now an healthy open source project. We've been fortunate enough to have a great community, with dozens of contributors and hundreds of code contributions. It also generates a bit of money - every dollar we make on this project is reinvested in the project, to pay the bills and help further development.

Thanks for checking out the project.

Regis Freyd and Alexis Saettler


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