Our privacy policy

Last update: June 20, 2017

When you create your account, you are giving the site information about yourself that we collect. This includes your name, your email address and your password, that is encrypted before being stored. We do not store any other personal information.

When you login to the service, we are using cookies to remember your login credentials. This is the only use we do with the cookies.

Monica runs on Linode and we are the only ones, apart from Linode's employees, who have access to those servers.

Transactional emails are served through Postmark.

The site does not and will never show ads. It also does not, and don't intend to, sell data to a third party.

Google Analytics is used on the marketing website to track visits, keywords search and to know my audience. It's also used on the hosted version of the tool provided on .com.

Intercom.io is used on the hosted version of the tool on .com.

We use Stripe to collect payments made to access the paid version. We do not store credit card information or anything concerning the transactions themselves on our servers. As per the open source library we use to process the payments (Laravel Cashier), we store the last 4 digits of the credit card, the brand name (VISA or MasterCard). As a user, you are identified on Stripe by a random number that they generate and use.

Monica uses only open-source projects that are mainly hosted on Github.

When you close your account, we immediately destroy all your personal information and don't keep any backup.



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