How people keep track of what's important.

Write down what you know about the people you care about. And never forget again a single thing about them.

Have a quick glance of important information of your contact

Indicate the names of significant others, children and even pets.

Add all the different ways of contacting this person: phone, email, Whatsapp nickname, and much more.

Add notes, private to you, about this person.

Indicate each time you call people you don't hear about often, so you can be reminded to call them in the future.

Add reminders about important dates or events. Some reminders are automatically filled for you (birthdays, for instance).

Manage gifts offered or that you want to offer. Indicate if you owe or if you are owed money.

All in one place: Manage, organize and track all the interactions with your contacts in a central place.

Web based: easily access Monica - either hosted on your or our servers.

Modern interface: Monica is beautiful and very simple to use.

Loved by users. Adored by developers.

Our users are happy with how fast and simple the product is. Developers love the API that allow them to automate Monica as they see fit.

Easily import or export your contacts and their data with Monica's powerful REST API, or use the API to automate many areas of the application.


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