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The Country object is used in collaboration with the Address object. It represents a country a contact lives in. The Country's API only allows read, as there are not many new countries that are created every day. When you create an address and need to indicate a country, use the Country object to retrieve the country_id that you need for the address.

List all the countries

Countries are order alphabetically by their name regarding the user's locale.

GET /countries/


  "data": {
    "AFG": {
      "id": "AF",
      "object": "country",
      "name": "Afghanistan",
      "iso": "AF"
    "WSB": {
      "id": "WSB",
      "object": "country",
      "name": "Akrotiri",
      "iso": "WSB"
    "ZMB": {
      "id": "ZM",
      "object": "country",
      "name": "Zambia",
      "iso": "ZM"
    "ZWE": {
      "id": "ZW",
      "object": "country",
      "name": "Zimbabwe",
      "iso": "ZW"


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